Safety Pays on the Chilldown Project!

14 August 2015

We all know that one of the key factors when working in construction is Health & Safety.  It is critical that everyone completes their shift without injury!

Despite our best efforts, however, it is human nature that individuals don’t get everything right all the time.  It’s for this reason that we at Luddon make Health & Safety everyone’s responsibility and we recognise and reward individuals who work with us to continuously improve and to avoid accidents and injury to both themselves and others.

To this end, we were pleased to present recent Safety Observation Awards to Steven Duncan, Lawrence Dalgleish, Steven Jack and Liam Anderson all working on the BP Kinneil RLPG Chilldown Project for Amec Foster Wheeler.

These observations coupled with the whole team’s commitment to Health & Safety has allowed us to play our part in the achievement of the first 6 full months of construction on this site injury free.

In addition, BP proposed a charity based safety initiative for this project which our client Amec Foster Wheeler and Luddon as part of the project team subscribed to.  The initiative commenced on 1 May 2015 and to mark the achievement of 3 consecutive safe months against this programme, the project team were delighted to make their first charitable donation of £2,000 to the Neuroblastoma Children’s Cancer Alliance charity (based in Glasgow).