Home Sweet Home!

30 January 2017

Luddon recently completed a rather special residential project, our first foray into the Scottish housing market.

Construction of a new home for the local otter population!

An Ecological survey identified an otter holt within a site scheduled for land remediation works, which had to be relocated under an SNH licence to allow works to proceed.

Following careful excavation, PVC pipes were installed to provide access to the new underground chamber which was then lined with straw for insulation. Natural logs were used for the main structure, before being topped off with a soil and grass roof. The new holt was carefully positioned on a known otter trail so that it stood the best chance of attracting occupants.

Liz Parsons from Starling Learning Ecological Consultancy commented;

'An artificial otter holt was required and I thought if anyone can build one it will be a construction company. Luddon Construction did not disappoint. They built an excellent structure, designed with skill and constructed with great enthusiasm. I am very impressed and I am sure the otters will be too'.