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Middlemuir Coalburn - Civil Works

Client: SP Energy Networks

Value: £211k

Project Description:

A 55.5MW wind farm is currently being developed by Banks Renewables, with location at, map reference 285925,626663, for which a grid connection is required. To facilitate the grid connection a new 33kV/132kV SP-T substation will be constructed adjacent to the developers 33kV substation, from which a 132kV underground cable feeder will connect to the main and reserve busbar of Coalburn 132kV substation.

Coalburn substation is a 400kV/132kV configuration which has provision for 4 additional feeders, one of which will be the 132kV cable connection to the proposed SPT Middlemuir substation.

Works Included:

  • Installation of temp hardstandings
  • Reinforced concrete foundations
  • Cable ducting – including connection into existing GRP troughing
  • New below ground earthing including connections to existing
  • Reinstatement of all working areas
  • All works within live substation