Vehicle Marshalling

Course Duration
Days: 1

1 – 12

Course Objectives
By the end of the course the delegate should be able to:

  • Demonstrate the skills, knowledge and understanding of the role between driver and marshall, to assist in the manoeuvring of a vehicle.
  • Demonstrate the skills and knowledge to safely signal to and direct a reversing vehicle.
  • Ensure the safety of marshals, pedestrians and vehicular traffic

Course Summary

  • Relevant regulations/legislation
  • Site accident statistics and reporting requirements
  • Risk Assessment
  • Driver visibility and visibility of marshals
  • PPE Recommendations
  • How to ensure delegate safety
  • How to ensure safety of public/drivers
  • Vehicle awareness and dangers
  • Inspection of site and discussion
  • Positioning of various vehicle marshals
  • Signals/standing positions when directing pedestrians and reversing vehicles

Luddon Construction Ltd Certificate – Valid for 3 years.

Refresher Period
Vehicle Marshalling Refresher Course after 3 years.

Any Other Relevant Information
This course is relevant to persons responsible for marshalling other vehicles and pedestrians whilst a vehicle is reversing/manoeuvring.


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