Luddon Training Centre supports HSE #Dustbuster campaign

20 June 2019

Luddon has today announced they are supporting a new national campaign by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in a bid to raise awareness about occupational lung disease within construction. The campaign which is backed by the UK Asbestos Training Association (UKATA) will run between 17th June and 12th July 2019.


During the campaign, the HSE will be targeting firms across Great Britain in a new series of inspections focusing on dust control. The inspections will concentrate on industries such as construction, woodworking and food manufacturing where occupational lung diseases, including in some cases occupational cancers, are more common.


Inspectors will be visiting businesses across the country to see what measures have been put in place to protect workers’ lungs from the likes of asbestos, silica, wood and flour dust. They will be looking for evidence of businesses and their workers knowing the risks, planning their work and using the right controls. Where necessary, HSE will use enforcement to make sure people are protected.


UKATA’s chief operating office, Craig Evans said:

“As a leading authority for asbestos training provision within the UK, we fully support this initiative by the HSE.


“Although 2019 marks twenty years since asbestos was banned in the UK, it is linked to around 5,000 deaths in the UK every year*, of which 20 a week are attributed to tradespeople.


“I would like to thank Luddon for their support and backing of the HSE campaign to encourage a safe and healthier workplace.”