Luddon Construction has become the 2500th Living Wage employer in Scotland

Glasgow based construction firm Luddon Construction has today accredited as a Living Wage employer, making them the 2500th accredited business in Scotland. The firm employing over 500 workers has committed to paying all directly employed and regularly contracted staff a minimum hourly wage of £9.90 per hour.

This Living Wage rate was announced on Monday 15th November 2021 as part of Living Wage Week. This rate is significantly higher than the government minimum for over 23s, which currently stands at £8.91 per hour.

In Scotland, more than 14% of all jobs pay less than the real Living Wage - around 330,000 jobs, contributing to higher levels of in-work poverty. Despite this, Luddon Construction has committed to paying the real Living Wage and will be joining a network of more than 240 Living Wage accredited construction businesses in Scotland.

As a result of this announcement, Luddon Construction will be the fourth largest accredited construction business in Scotland and their commitment will recognise the value of their workers and ensure a hard day’s work receives a fair day’s pay.

Since 2011 the Living Wage movement has delivered a pay rise to over 52,000 people in Scotland and put over £310 million extra into the pockets of low paid Scottish workers.

Allan Randall, Joint Managing Director said: “We have always recognised the valuable contribution of our workers to the success of our business. We believe that becoming a Living Wage accredited employer demonstrates our commitment to fair work practices which in turn contributes to improved employee motivation, productivity and retention.”

Minister for Just Transition, Employment and Fair Work Richard Lochhead said: “Congratulations to Luddon Construction for showing their continued commitment to their staff by becoming the 2500th Living Wage Accredited employer in Scotland.

Luddon Construction are joining an increasing number of employers across all sectors of the economy paying at least the real Living Wage. Scotland has the highest proportion of jobs in the UK paying at least the real Living Wage or more and proportionately there are five times more accredited Living Wage employers in Scotland than in the rest of the UK.

The Scottish Government has long championed Fair Work and paying the real Living Wage means all workers are paid fairly for the work they do. It ensures workers get more money in their pockets at a time when living costs are increasing which ultimately benefits workers, their families and the Scottish economy.”

Peter Kelly, Director of The Poverty Alliance said: “We all need an income that is enough to cover our needs and protect us from poverty, and it’s only right that employers pay a wage that reflects the cost of living. Too many workers in Scotland are paid less than the real Living Wage and, at a time of rising costs, are struggling to stay afloat. The real Living Wage can offer protection from those rising costs.”

Congratulations to Luddon Construction on their Living Wage commitment, and I hope more organisations follow their lead by becoming Living Wage accredited.”

Gail Irvine, Living Wage Scotland Manager said: “We’re delighted to announce Luddon Construction as the 2500th Living Wage employer in Scotland. We are incredibly proud of our diverse network of Living Wage businesses, and we hope that Luddon Construction’s accreditation will inspire similar action from other large employers within the construction sector, to recognise the important leadership and influencing role they too could have in growing the Living Wage movement”

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